Our history dates back to 1959, when William “Bill” Steiner founded Steiner Atlantic Corp. to distribute commercial laundry and dry cleaning products. While building his distribution business, Mr. Steiner’s entrepreneurial and inventive capabilities led him to create patented dry cleaning equipment that resulted in more efficient and environmentally friendly dry cleaning processes. In 1977, Mr. Steiner co-founded Dryclean USA®, which ultimately became the nation’s largest and most recognizable dry cleaning franchisor. Continuing the family history, in 1987, his son, Michael S. Steiner, joined Mr. Steiner and together they spent the next twenty-five years building, what became known as EnviroStar in 2009, into one of the most well respected distributors in the industry.

In March 2015, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Henry M. Nahmad, joined EnviroStar when he acquired a controlling interest in EnviroStar from the Steiner family. Together, Henry M. Nahmad and Michael S. Steiner, Executive Vice President of the Company, are spearheading EnviroStar’s efforts to build a market leader through the execution of its buy-and-build strategy.