About Us

Leading the Commercial Laundry Distribution and Service Industry

EVI Industries is the only American public company operating exclusively within the commercial laundry distribution and service industry. We are a value-added distributor, installer, and technical service provider of commercial laundry products with operations spanning the U.S., as well as in Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Through our wholly-owned subsidiaries, we sell and/or lease a diverse selection of commercial laundry equipment as well as related parts and accessories.

We use our vast and growing sales organization to partner with our customers to provide a variety of advisory services, including planning, design, and consultation. Through our extensive network of commercial laundry technicians, we also provide our customers with unmatched technical expertise to help them with necessary installation, maintenance, and repair services related to their commercial laundry operations.

  • EVI fosters an entrepreneurial mindset and culture of growth and improvement with a long-term perspective.

  • EVI's strategic approach to growth involves acquiring and integrating complementary businesses, strengthening our market position.

  • EVI operates with discipline, anchored by a set of core values and principles that shape our decisions and actions.

  • EVI seeks to sustain financial strength through disciplined investing and conservative balance sheet management.

  • EVI has established itself as the industry leader, delivering increased value and new opportunities to our vast customer base.

Our Core Values and Principles

EVI and our operating businesses are led by a collection of ambitious people, who are bound by an entrepreneurial culture and core values, and are focused on winning. We believe this culture and focus are our formula for success. In March 2015, we embarked on a long-term journey to build the undisputed leader in and around the commercial laundry distribution and service industry and in doing so, produce attractive returns for our shareholders. Concurrent with the implementation of our long-term growth strategy and operating model, we established specific core values and principles for our business, including:


Invest and manage with a long-term perspective

Financial Strength

Uphold financial discipline aiming to ensure financial strength and flexibility.


Respect the entrepreneurs and management teams that join the EVI family and instill a growth mindset and culture of continuous improvement.


Operate as a local business and empower leaders to make local decisions

Ownership Culture

Incentivize and reward performance with equity participation.